How is Maple Syrup Made?

Have you ever wondered where maple syrup comes from? Read on to learn about the process of making maple syrup!

Maple syrup is produced from maple tree sap. There are 100 species of maple trees. We use sugar maples, but syrup can be made from almost all species in the maple family.

Mid-to-late January we tap the trees using a 5/16 drill bit to make a small hole and tap a plastic spile into it. The spile is connected to 5/16 plastic tubing. Once a tree is 12 inches in diameter it can support a single tap. As the tree grows, additional taps can be added. We cap our trees at 3 per tree. A single line can support 5-6 taps and then connects to a ¾ or larger line. This larger line carries sap to a collection tank. The sap lines are carefully strung through the woods to maximize gravitational pull to carry sap through the lines. All of our lines also have a vacuum pump attached to increase sap collection efficiency. Once the collection tank is at least half-full, the sap is either pumped or hauled to the sugar house and placed into another collection tank.