About Us

A Childhood Dream

Butler Hill Maple Farm LLC is owned and operated by U.S. Army veteran Corrie Bacon in Knoxville, Pennsylvania. As a child Corrie, helped his

dad make maple syrup. Through the years Corrie also helped a lifelong friend make syrup when he was available. Prior to his retirement following 31 years of service, he purchased land and the maple business from his lifelong friend. Since then, Butler Hill Maple Farm has been offering pure Pennsylvania maple syrup in three grades: Golden Delicate (currently sold out), Amber Rich, and Dark Robust.  You'll also find cinnamon infused syrup, coffee infused, bourbon-barrel aged syrup, maple candy, cream, sugar, maple cinnamon nuts (almond, cashews and pecan) and a maple rub/seasoning mix. All these items are available for shipping in our company store, and at farmers markets and events throughout the southwestern region of PA. His wife is currently still serving in the military and assigned to the Pittsburgh area.