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Maple Oatmeal

Want an easy breakfast that travels well? This morning I'm going to share one of my favorite oatmeals. I love my quick oats because I can take them anywhere and they keep me full - Rosie the Maple Dog likes them too. As a bonus it has about 12g of protein and 11g of fiber; about 479 calories over all.

2/3 cup quick cooking oats 1TBS raisins 1TBS Craisins 1TBS Pine nuts 1TBS Slivered almonds 1TSP Chia seeds 1-3 TBS Maple Sugar or 1 soft maple candy Cinnamon

You can toss all of this into a baggie when traveling, and when you're ready add hot water to make the consistency of oatmeal that you like best. Milk works great with this too. When I have it at home I like to add some vanilla as well.

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